Welcome to my blog!

I started writing these stories from my life as a cripple because I really wanted to give people an insight into disability. To change people’s perceptions about disability, to challenge stereotypes and change oppressive attitudes towards disability.

I write with humour because let’s be real; there is a funny side to disability sometimes.

Maybe reading this blog will put your own shit into perspective. Then again, maybe it won’t. Maybe no-one will read my blog, which sounds kinda fucking great right now because then I can just work on my writing and not worry about judgement.

I am really passionate about writing, all kinds of writing actually (journalism, copywriting, fiction, scriptwriting, non-fiction, etc.) and I’m always trying to be a better writer so hopefully this blog will help me do that.

I also wanted to explain my fondness for the term ‘cripple’ and ‘crip’ especially when it makes so many people uncomfortable. I actually got the idea from one of my crip heroes, Stella Young. She is someone who has inspired me for the last few years. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2014 but her TED talk (which I have attached below) lives on as well as her other work.

She used to say calling herself a crip empowered her, and I’ve found it empowers me too. In the past, I know ‘cripple’ was often used in a derogatory way and it was really offensive, but I feel that when I use it I take away the derogatory meaning. It becomes just another word.

I have grown to accept my disability and I have accepted that I have a crippled body, I much prefer referring to myself as a crip than a person with a disability.

Stella’s TEDtalk: